Saugenminmaissudegino home page, facesitter and arse smotherer , the king of facesitters and god of facesitting, London, Watford, Alton, Cardiff, Hampshire, .


the god of facesitting and arse smother who may sit on your face if you are worthy.
For the very few lucky ones, I think of your face every time i fart, because i can’t wait to fart on your pathetic face.
take your time to look through the site,  when you are done, make sure you read the contact instructions properly, don’t keep me waiting

The ultimate in facesitting, you are not here by accident, you are here by design, leave now if you are under 23yrs old.

GET ON YOUR KNEES BEHIND ME TO RIM ME, you dirty filthy useless worthless little worm, am your hot handsome black master. known as saugenminmaissudegino, am the very perfect super dom to sit on your face and rule over you and humiliate you, are you ready to submit and worship me now? Start begging to suck on my arse and toes you worthless little worm, start begging to kiss my arse.

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