Contact us

listen very carefully,
before you contact me, make sure you have already come to terms with yourself that you are worshiping me, make sure that your lips on my arse is what you want most than anything else in this world, make sure you understand fully that you belong to me and your goal is to serve me without complaining. make sure you fully understand that you know your place and will never demand anything from me, you should just be grateful that you get the oppotunity serve me as my arsewipe(because that is what you really are, nothing more)

Make sure you have whatsapp, and that you have your face on your whatsapp profile,
Make sure you only contact me by whatsapp messaging¬† only until I’ve given you permission to call me.
Start you message with (dear god)
Tell me why you need to lick my arse and why you think i should allow you to lick my arse,
End your message with (thank you god)

never never ever approch me on the street, i expect complete descretion from you at all times

WhatsApp number 07778772466

because of too many time wasters and rude annoying people, I now take £10 advance tribute by lebara topup voucher, this gets you 4 reply text messages from me, if you want to talk for 1minute, then add another £20