Real Hard Sports With Humiliation
The ultimate taboo, lets push your boundary with me shitting in your mouth, after all, it’s what you really want and need, I know it and you know it, we both know it.
nothing makes me more happy than someone lovingly snoging my arse, like the way it should be,
perfect arse for perfect arse smother here for you small minded low life submissive little worm, I bet you are loving this, you should be on your knees behind me right now begging to lick my arse, yes i said you begging to lick my arse you worm,
I know you need to lick my arse so you can stop feeling bad about yourself, but are you good enough to lick my arse? why should i even consider someone like you? many other people better than you are not able to lick my arse because i didn’t find them good enough,
you must make sure to start with the following contact instruction. for me to consider you, you must show me that you really really want and need to lick my arse,
you must show me that you are a low life,
you must prove to me that licking my amazing arse is what you want more than anything else in this world,
you must demonstrate to me that am your god and that you worship me and will do anything for me,
I can’t stress this enough, remember, any money given is for my time only, and anything that takes place is between two concenting adults
because of too many time wasters and rude annoying people, I now take £10 advance tribute by lebara topup voucher, this gets you 4 reply text messages from me,
When you message me on whatsapp make sure you have your face picture on your profile,
only whatsapp text message me SAUGENMINMAISSUDEGINO on 07587001475
You address me as boss god,
Remember to use please and thank you.
tell me in your own words why you want to lick my arse and why i should sit on your pathetic face
Remember am better than you and i will always be better than you,
Am your superior in every way.
Remember that rimming my arse is your highest duty, you were born for this and you will never be happy till you are rimming my arse where you belong.
when you message me, make sure you put a sentence together,
make sure you beg to like my arse
many sure you only contact me by whatsapp text messaging only until i give you permission to call me